What is the COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate Showings In North Texas?

Dated: 05/19/2020

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Impact of COVID 19 on Texas Showings

It's self-evident that the number of buyer showings would dip substantialy during the shelter-in-place order in Texas.  What might not be as intuitive is that we're already seeing signs of a rebound.

According to ShowingTime, the Real Estate Industry's leading Showing Scheduling and Analytics platform, buyer showings in Texas in Mid May exceeded showings that same week in 2019.  Showings achieved their highest levels of the year and were higher than any week Jan-May of 2019 as well.

Does that mean "We're Back Baby!" or simply that there's some pent up demand in the market.  Time will tell.  For now though, this is VERY encouraging news for sellers and for the North Texas Real Estate Market as a whole.

To get the full data, check out Showing Time's COVID-19 Tracker

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